School Tea Towels

Printing a tea towel for your class, grade, or school is not only a beautiful reminder of a year gone by but also an effective fundraising initiative. Parents will appreciate the memento and students will enjoy the programming made possible from the sale of the tea towels.

Student drawings are printed onto one of our high quality 100% cotton tea towels, enclosed in a playful border, and finished with the school name, crest, or logo. The tea towels can then be sold to raise money for the school.

How create a student tea towel works

Students are asked to submit a drawing which is then printed alongside their classmates onto our 26 X 19 inch or 23 X 19 inch cotton tea towels. We will provide specifications to ensure the drawings can be legibly printed onto the tea towels. 

Student drawings, tea towels

The design is then finished with a border of your choosing (we are happy to make recommendations and share examples) and the logo, name, and/or crest of the school. We can print either one-color or full-color designs. 

Student drawings are not required to be self-portraits, although that is an undeniably adorable option. We can accommodate all kinds of creativity in the tea towel design. 

Some past examples include favorite animals or objects that are meaningful to the student. Older students or graduating grades may prefer to simply sign their name or share a favorite saying or quote. Whatever it is that speaks to the character of your school and students can make for a great tea towel design. 

School tea towel projects can be initiated by a teacher, parent, or school administrator. We are excited to work with whoever is leading this fundraising initiative at your school. 

Why fundraise with tea towels

Tea towels are both functional and beautiful. These qualities make them an excellent fundraising option for schools because they capture a special moment in time and can be put to use in the home or gifted. 

Our 100% high quality cotton has been woven to our exact specifications to be color-fast and virtually lint free. Meaning the tea towel design will stand up the wear and tear of the kitchen while preserving the nostalgic artwork. 

School tea towels are lovely gifts that never tire because they change with each passing year. Parents and relatives will delight in watching the children grow through their own artistic expression. I can attest to this myself as I treasure (and use) the tea towels my daughters created while they were in school. 

The funds raised from the sale of the tea towels can help support initiatives such as class trips, events, school improvements, and more. 

Make tea towels a fundraising tradition at your school and use art to enrich students’ lives year after year!

Easy to Organize

Creating a custom designed school tea towel is an easy art project to organize and a great fundraising initiative.! If this is the first time your school has undertaken a tea towel project, we have a sample letter and order form to help you easily introduce the idea to parents and teachers. 

For for information, prices, step-by-step instructions, selling hints and more please email us at Please include the name and location of the school.

Need a design idea? Check out our past work for some creative inspiration! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many student drawings fit onto one tea towel?

  • We can fit up to 300 drawings onto the regular sized tea towel.

How much time is needed to organize a school tea towel project? 

  • It depends on the size of the school, but generally six weeks is a good time.

What tea towel sizes are available?

  • We have two tea towel sizes. Regular 26 X 19 inches and small 23 X 19".

Can you match my school colors in the tea towel?

  • Yes, we can match any Pantone colour.

What colors are available for tea towel printing? 

  • All the colours of the rainbow are available to you.

Is there a cost difference between one-colour and full-colour prints?

  • There is no cost difference between a one-colour and full-colour prints.
Are student drawings exclusively self-portraits?
  • No, creative ideas are endless. You can create themed designs, such as “Spring Time” or “Sports”, “Circus” or “Mother’s Day” for example. 
  • Teachers can think about their curriculum and inspire creative drawings about a subject.

Student drawings printed onto 100% cotton tea towels

How many tea towels designs are recommended per school?

  • The most effective fundraiser is one design. However, you can order one design per class or grade. Larger elementary schools often create two designs for Upper and Lower school.

What fabric is best for tea towel printing?

  • 100% cotton is the best and economical fabric to print onto. 

Can school tea towels be washed?

  • We use water-based inks to print onto the tea towels, which are then cured and become colour-fast. Wash them along with other white laundry in hot water if you prefer. 

Where can you ship school tea towels? 

  • We ship all over Canada and the United States. All shipments are expedited and tracked with Canada Post.