Our Fabric & Materials

For a tea towel to stand up to daily use and outlast rigorous washing, quality fabric is key. And because we want our tea towels to not only outlive the average dish towel but also to preserve the beautiful artwork that adorns them, we have made sure that our fabric is of the highest quality.

About Our Cotton Fabric

Creative Tea Towels are printed on 100% cotton fabric that has been woven to our exact specifications to be extremely absorbent and lint-free. Our fabric has been finely woven to ensure even the smallest details are visible in our prints. This commitment to quality ensures that designs stay looking crisp and vibrant from first print to last wash.

  • 100% fine cotton
  • Highly absorbent
  • Lint-free
  • Finely woven  

We also offer a 100% cotton, 26 X 19 inch, tea towel that is a looser weave and is softer to the touch. This tea towel is made for us in India and is highly absorbent. 

100% soft cotton tea towel with a loop for hanging.

Blank Tea Towels

Love our 100% cotton tea towels but have your own creative use for them? No Problem! Our high quality 100% cotton tea towels are available for blank order.

  • Tea Towel Sizes:
    • Regular: 26" x 19" (66 x 48 cm)
    • Small: 23″ x 19″ (58.5 x 48 cm)  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tea towel? 

A tea towel is traditionally a cloth used to dry dishes. However, there are many more creative uses for tea towels such as keeping greens fresh in the fridge, wrapping around a hostess gift (like a loaf of home baked bread or a bottle of wine!), or protecting your countertop from hot pots. 

What kind of fabric is used to make tea towels? 

The two most common fabrics used to make tea towels are cotton and linen. We've chosen to use 100% cotton for our tea towels and have had the fabric woven to our exact specifications so that they're highly-absorbent and lint-free. 

Are tea towels the same as dish towels? 

Yes! Tea towels and dish towels are one and the same. Tea towels is the term typically used by the British and Canadians, while dish towels is more common in the United States. 

What is DTG digital printing? 

Direct-to-garment printing is a process of printing on textiles using specialized water-based ink jet technology. At Creative Tea Towels, we use the Polyprint TextJet Echo 2 printers. This is the latest technology in DTG printing, offers the largest print area on the market and uses water-based inks that are colourfast after curing. 

Will a digital printed tea towel fade? 

Any dyed garment requires care to ensure longevity. While our prints are colourfast and will stand up to frequent washing, we highly recommend low-heat or hang drying your tea towels to ensure they remain vibrant for as long as possible.