Artist Supplies

Broaden the ways you promote and sell your art by transforming your original artwork into one-of-a-kind printed tea towels. Like a blank canvas, a tea towel is simply another medium through which to express your creativity.  

Custom printed fine art tea towels are desirable retail items and beautiful gifts that offer customers an accessible way to enjoy your art. 

We've worked with experienced and amateur artists across all disciplines, from fine line drawing to photography, watercolour, and more. Whatever you create, we can turn into a tea towel! 

To get started, choose between our 100% cotton white or natural fabric and send us a digital file of the artwork that you'd like to print. We'll then work with you to ensure that the integrity and quality of your original piece, is transformed into a beautiful kitchen accessory.  

Get Started

Promote, sell, and celebrate your artwork with a custom printed tea towel.

Custom Art Print

Artwork by Canadian fine artist and photographer Teresa Thompson 

Print Your Own

If you'd like to create your own, we also sell blank tea towels available in white or natural fabric, all tea towels are 100% cotton.

Artists have used our blank tea towels for everything from embroidery to block printing and painting. We'd love to see what you create! Consider sharing your original designs with us on social media @creativeteatowels and use the hashtag #getcreative